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Anarchy Anarchy Anarchy is a webcomic published on The comic has no linear story and focuses on a teenage boy named Brad Richardson and his family. The comic is notable for having no shared characters with any other comics in the lamezone universe.



The comic's pages are generally short and always simply drawn, usually with pencil or marker on lined composition notebook paper. Some pages are comprised of photographs instead of drawings, and others include embedded youtube videos, though they are no longer available to watch. The comic has guest pages by KC Green and Brian Lee. Only about half of the comic's pages were drawn by Cate[1], making the comic the only on lamezone not entirely written by Cate Wurtz.


The comic's main character is a teenage boy named brad whose main interests include anime, pornography, marijuana, alternative rock and video games. He frequently gets annoyed with his parents and often expresses suicidal thoughts after interacting with them. Pages are often short and rarely exceed 4 panels. Two exceptions to the teenage-related subject matter and brief length are the four Halloween specials, which focus on loosely satirizing popular horror films.


Cate called the comic "a lighthearted mocking of that stage of growing up and all the embarassing stuff people end up putting on the internet forever", and "a response to the internet... Youtube commenters, DeviantArt, stoners, teenagers, etc."[2] She has also stated that her new comics are better.[1]


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