A story about dick 




A story about dick

Asscastle revolves around the homoesexual adventures of a girl named "Asscastle", after being kicked out of her home by her wicked step mother she meets the "Alleged" ghost of Bob Saget, the two set off on gay adventures taking place in the ghostzone. Via a series of events Asscastle eventually finds out she died during this adventure though she is quickly revived and returned back into the word of the living with the sole thought of probably committing suicide.




A Homosexual

Asscastle, the main character, is a gay, whose gayness is more blatant throughout the adventure. She's canon trans, Cate said so on tumblr

She seems to always be pushed around by basically everyone and tends to believe anything she's told. 


"Man, I came to terms with my homosexuality back in the handjob forest"

Alleged ghost of Bob Saget

Asscastle's ghost partner throughout the adventure, he is a resident in ghost zone and seems to know his way around the area. He's pretty much a jerk and planned on taking Asscastle's place in the realm of the living.


Bob Saget isn't dead


"What kind of a dick says no to a ghost."

3 wicked Stepmothers


3 Wicked Stepmother

After the unmourned death of Asscastle's mother she has arrived. They disprove of Asscastle's gay fetishes and don't hesitate to quickly kick her out of the home.


"Son you are a fag Fuk off"

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