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Cate's primary fursona, which is some kind of giraffosaurus I guess.

Cate Wurtz, formerly known as Partydog, is the author of the lamezone universe and the primary beneficiary of this site. She currently lives in Redmond, WA and maintains a Tumblr and a Twitter .

Early Life

Partydog was born in some town in Kansas probably, and lived in Kansas before she blossomed into a Young Adult and left Kansas for good because Kansas sucks. While living in Kansas she made what is now known as the Establismentarium series and other things on her grandmother's old computer. Her first comic series posted online was ffff, co-authored with furaffinity user knifs38. She then Struck It Big with her gay furry porno comic Asscastle; her fanbase continued to grow with Puke City and AAA, a comic series made with her ex-boyfriend, who at the time was not her ex-boyfriend obviously. Eventually she moved to Redmond, WA after a botched trip to Vancouver left her stuck at the Canadian border. She currently lives Olympia with Little Teeth artist Rory Frances, and maybe some other people, idk  

Things Partydog Owns

  • The Bear Mask
  • The Giraffe Mask
  • some cool pants and shirts
  • some hats
  • used to own a dog
  • probably some skirts
  • bunch of plushies
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • cigarettes
  • attitude