Hail Gay Satan Cover

Hail Gay Satan and Hail Gay Satan II

Hail Gay Satan and its sequel are both collections of mini comics and pictures done by Cate and many guests (HGS2 features a distinct art section for artist Squeedge). The general summary of both Hail Gay Satan's is demons and non-demons being gay and worshiping Satan, that's it! Both comics are definitely NSFW due to sexual themes and so forth. Already established characters that make an appearance in these comics include Varg, Jill, Cate herself, and Moya.


A purple bear-looking demon with an iconic double bandage over her left eye, she's usually seen sporting a full smile with her tooth, smoking a cigarette, and up to some form of mischief. As she grows up her horns go from triangular nubs to longer an curved ones. Since childhood it seems that Crystal has been at her side!

HGS2 Cover

Hail Gay Satan II Cover


A yellow dino/lizard-looking demon with long sharp horns pointing up and usually she wears a baseball cap on top of her hair that's set in a ponytail. The first HGS comic establishes that she is fond of using guns, whether toy or real. Really loves the color pink! In HGS2, Junk and Crystal take some children under the wings so that they can have a fun adventure out in the world.

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Krystal (Left) & Junk (Right)