Lamezine 001 Cover.

Here is the first story to come out of Microwave Planet! Lamezine 001 tells a tale about Puke City's residents, demons, DOG COP, and Dildom Andes spouting off some logic for art in the digital age. There's a lotta folks dying and blood everywhere too but don't worry a lot of folks get better in the sequel and the spin-off! For folks not in the know, Lamezine 001 intertwines a ton of stories around each other rather than your usual beginning-stuff goes bad-stuff gets better-ending formula. Here's a little list of each of the stories in Lamezine 001 so you don't feel lost!
  • Somer's sister is possessed by a demon who wants him to face his fears and become a demon himself!
  • Dog Cop marches on to fight his evil nemesis, Crook Cop!
  • Demon Hunter has a backstory on his immortality and then devotes his life to hunting demons.
  • Al talks about his wife and sex life with his therapist.
  • Uh oh! Looks like a group of crows have teamed up with ☀ĦΘᄂEFÆ©E to commit illegal and dangerous stuff!!
  • Dildom Andes spouts off a lotta facts and theories about art and whats most viral.



Ru'Mel - A demon trapped within Somer's little sister. Always drunk.

Somers - A high school kid who's gotten his life mixed up. Somers just wants to stay in.


Moya - Very interested in demons/magic etc. He is also Varg's Boyfriend.[1]


Varg - Doesn't talk much.


Nail - Boss of Rope and Nail inc.

Rope - Not much is known.

DOG COP - The TV character who is his own law.

Dildom Andes - An ARTIST who speaks about the ARTS.

July - All grown up now and with a daughter. She's also the gym teacher.

Emma - July's daughter. A happy person with a TV obsession.

Rich - Ru'Mel's dealer. Kind of an ass.

"Crow-totype" - A normal resident of Puke city who becomes some sort of eldritch horror after encountering bloodwolfe.

Demon Hunter - Aka "500".

Death - Very depressed.

AL - Very depressed.

Steve - Chain smoking hall monitor.

Miss Thatcher - A rival to Ru'Mel disguised as a teacher. Loves chips.

Varg Sr. - Varg's father and victim of ☀ĦΘᄂEFÆ©E