The Lamzone Universe is the fictional universe in which all of the lamezone stories take place. 

In the Lamzone universe, it is always halloween.

It is a strange place inhabited by creatures and critters who are constantly smoking cigarettes and having sex with each other in uncomfortable places. It is home to many physical and metaphysical realms that interact with each other in strange ways to produce hilarious outcomes.

Realms of the Lamezone Universe


  • Puke City - where most of the stories take place. Looks a lot like Kansas.
  • Space - where Space Dog lives, and the setting of a few one-off comics


  • Badplace - where the demons live. Is really fucking hot because there's no air conditioner.
  • Ghostzone - where the ghosts live. It's nice and cool and is home to the handjob forest and the air conditioner.
  • Ynce Iche (Location)
  • Belovedland - "A psychic theme park of Beloved's design. Or is it Beloved? Or is it in her head? Does shave a head? Wait, come back, I have more questions-" from Crow-cation Guide 3
  • Red Void, Black Void, White Void - "are they different places? are they part of ynce iche? what?" from Crow-cation Guide 3