This story follows the life of a kid named Alec and the band Sikk Dogs. While pretending to have a karate battle in the forest, Alec meets the ghost of The Sikk Dog's lead singer Nicky Sikk. Basically Nicky wants Alec to find the last living member of the band, Andy Splinters. Alec travels to O'Reilly Dentistry and tracks down Andy, who then trains him to be a guitarist like himself. Training ends however once they try practicing on the roof of a Gas n' Glug and Alec falls and busts his nose. When confronted by Nicky, Alec tells him that he's too busy cleaning teeth to join the band so Nicky burns down the dentistry. The comic ends with Alec telling Nicky to suck his dick and that he's a motherfucking poseur, thus killing Nicky instantly as the fire rages on.



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The protagonist of the story, Alec is a kid who's very timid but also gets excited easily. Folks are very much nice to him because he's just a kid and he doesn't know better. Except for Nicky, cause he's a jerk! He doesn't know how to play the guitar at all to the point of holding it upside-down. Almost dies after falling off a Gas n' Glug but he's alright. In the end he helps save the day by making Nicky's head explode.


"um how do i make a song with this

the buttons aren't doing anything"

Nicky Sikk

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The antagonist of the story, Nicky is the now-a-ghost lead singer of the punk band Sikk Dogs. He's a asshole basically, as Andy tells Alec that he is very controlling and basically owns the band. Claims that Andy left the band because he's a pussy and they need him back. After learning that Andy won't join the band because he's a dentist now, he goes to his place of work and burns it down. After confronting Alec and Andy, he tells Andy he's gonna punk him to death. He then dies after Alec calls him a poser.


"and how are you gonna out-punk me without a fuckin instrument"

Andy Splinters

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Former guitarist of Sikk Doggs, Andy spends his days brushing and cleaning teeth at O'Reilly Dentistry. He left his band after getting tired of the controlling lead singer Nicky Sikk. When Alec tracks him down, he tries to teach him guitar but stops after Alec falls off a roof and gets hurt. Later in the story his workplace is burned down after Alec tells Nicky that Andy won't join the band because he's got a job now. He still misses his band.


"ok that better have been the sound of the clerk getting shot"