Sour gummy

From Official Crow-actor Guide 2.(Complete Third Season)

"Slap-bass IDM punk grrl duo. Currently cruising around in their van, trying to put an album together and playing some video games. Smelly, hungry, horny, and cool."
Official Crow-actor Guide 2


Memory Sick - Debut Album (2017)

Front Cover

Memory Sick

01. We've Been Listening
02. Yea
03. Action Cut
04. Erotik Gatomon Disemboweling No. 19
05. Hot2
06. Violence District
07. Gaze
08. Swad (Krystals)
09. Crystals
10. Can I Please Stop Unrepressing Memories and Processing Bullshit For Like a Fucking Year Kush
11. Paradise Matrix
12. Strawberry4
13. Super Gummy World
14. Responsible :-)

Sick Sessions - Outtakes of Memory Sick (2017)


Sick Sessions

Patrons of Cate Wurtz's Patreon can have access to the outtakes of their debut album through the Complete Third Season of Crow Cillers. It does not have a official track listing so here it's listed alphabetically.

Erotik Gatomon Disemboweling No. 52
Erotik Gatomon Disemboweling No.31
Holiday Special
K Thru
lowd (extrended nightcore version)
Memory Snack
Painwise No Gain
Syn 1
WW a
Xmas Friend
101 Percent

Supposed Former Infatuation Gummy - 2nd Studio Album (2017)


Supposed Former Infatuation Gummy

01. Sick
02. Romantically Involved With the Occult
03. This
04. Sweet Two Death
05. Water, Electricity, Television
06. Erotik Gatomon Disemboweling No. 98
07. Numinous Metal (Version 7.0)
08. Your Little Skeleton
09. Swore
10. Degenewate
11. Tracey's Bed
12. Witch Horse
13. Beloved

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