Fifteen-page comic about a rebellious teen named Wildcat. The story moves through multiple different events, such as a terrible birthday, an attempt to summon Satan in a graveyard, and a dinner with a potential drummer for a band gone awry. The story is presented in a non-chronological way, as it jumps between Wildcat's teenage years and childhood back and forth. There's even an appearance of a young Moya!


Wildcat 03 - Isaac

Isaac and Wildcat (slightly offscreen) try summoning Satan


The silent protagonist of the story, pictured in the title-card above. He drinks, smokes, tries to Summon Satan, has sex, and dies hungover in a park with a nosebleed. Despite never talking, his emotions are shown many times through his facial expressions and it seems a lot of times that he's not treated that well in life which sucks!

Wildcat's Parents

His dad's an asshole who cheats on his wife. His mom tries her best. They're not really that big a part of the story.


Right from the getgo it's made known that his brother summoned Satan, promptly dying and going to Hell. Celebrates Día de Muertos/Día de los Santos Inocentes after Halloween. At one point his mom and home house Wildcat.

Wildcat's Friend

Wildcat 02 - Wildcat's Friend

Wildcat's Friend rocking his heart out

Thoughout the story the friend is shown to be rather blunt and reckless. At one concert he gets too into the music and throws a bottle at Wildcat's eye. In another scene we find him stoned out of his mind and scaring away a potential drummer for the band he's in. Introduces Wildcat to Isaac.


Wildcat 01 - Moya and Friend

Unnamed friend (left) and Moya (right)

Showing up only in one page, in this comic Moya is a young child and is seen chatting along with an unnamed friend. In the comic it's revealed that Moya lives at the 'devil house' where a demon was summoned twenty years prior.


At the end of the comic he greets Wildcat and makes it clear he's obviously dead. He's rather relaxed but thankful that the protagonist is accepting the circumstances so easily without making a big deal.